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MYCELX to Present "Remediation of Mercury in Coal Fired Power Generation" at AFS Spring Conference

Remediation of Mercury in Coal Fired Power Generation

Hal Alper, President and Chief Science Officer
April 28 - 29, 2015 AFS Spring Conference

Mercury and its compounds exhibit physiochemical behavior unlike any other compound or element. Mercury undergoes physical phase transitions and a variety of disproportionation type reactions which render it a true phase-shifter. This makes mercury particularly difficult to remediate in gaseous and aqueous systems.

The author will discuss details of the above and its impact on remediation technology, especially relative to the approach, i.e. sequential versus one size fits all. The power generation industry has preferred a one size fits all approach. The author discloses why this is not possible and a favored sequential methodology which obviates the shortcomings of a single step approach.