• Location: Utah, USA
  • Solution: MYCELX Oil Removal Technology
  • Industry: Oil and Gas – Upstream Solution


Anadarko Petroleum Corp. is among the largest independent oil and natural gas production and exploration companies in the world. At gas production sites in the U.S., Anadarko required engineered de-oiling systems to treat produced water to a quality level suitable for re-injection. Conventional technologies proved to be expensive and did not reliably produce the water quality required for re-fracturing.

When other technologies failed, MYCELX’s innovative Produced Water Treatment System enabled Anadarko to remove oil and treat the water at flow rates up to 400 gpm for successful re-injection.

The environmentally safe, economically responsible solution delivers outstanding results day in and day out, including;

  • Successful de-oiling to less than 10 ppm
  • Operating costs of only $0.20 per barrel
  • Small footprint of 15’ × 5’ × 8’
  • Low maintenance requirements – 1-2 man hours per week
  • Over 400,000,000 gallons of water re-injected to date

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